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2017finalists 5 cae00dd0dc8720aaa03516056008009dcceb1e5520eff7a1cea2854f2e865cef Luna Lights

Donovan Morrison | Northwestern University

Luna Lights has developed an automated lighting system that utilizes cloud-based data analytics to reduce the risk of falling for older adults. Luna Lights consists of an ultra-thin pressure sensor that detects when a user gets out of bed and immediately turns on small, wireless lights around the home. When the user returns to his or her bed, the sensor turns the lights off automatically.

2017finalists 4 63e08f1b1cba16b3b323702f6f5741819060f15267e40b00231321ffab05ab25 NaturAll Club

Muhga Eltigani | University of Pennsylvania

NaturAll Club is the first company to deliver fresh, fruit-based hair products using innovative food preservation technologies. Jumping on the DIY and all natural haircare trend, NaturAll Club is disrupting the market by merging the convenience of homemade products with scientific research to mix the right ingredients, creating fresh products, shipped right to your door.

2017finalists 3 fee106aaced0865e103341e6caac7557d4a139d7f02529f2343738afa4e1a656 SwineTech

Matthew Rooda | University of Iowa

SwineTech helps farmers increase profits by providing the technologies necessary to reduce piglet deaths. A wearable device placed on the mother sow conditions them to stand up when they are potentially crushing a piglet, increasing productivity for farmers and saving them thousands of dollars per year.

2017finalists 1 37a21b8e7963ba418a50c639f373790486efb4c8335c76fc7071f35b4118337a PiperWai

Jess Edelstein & Sarah Ribner | University of Pittsburgh & Columbia University

As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, PiperWai Natural Deodorant is a uniquely effective, aluminum-free deodorant made with activated charcoal to neutralize odor and absorb moisture. An all-natural formula containing no aluminum, paraben or synthetic fragrances, is effective yet gentle on sensitive skin.

2017finalists 2 151ff23aee2c60bb0608a5632936b2aefe5848cc50e4a57f1d28684a4b1fb29b LearnLux

Rebecca Liebman | Clark University

LearnLux helps millennials learn personal finance through online learning tools and connects them to resources they need to take action. Through task-based learning, users are exposed to important financial concepts, comparing and simulating available products and simplifying confusing financial jargon.


Kevin A. Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour, has spent the last decade partnered with the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland. And he’s done it with one goal in mind – promoting student entrepreneurship through the Cupid’s Cup entrepreneurship competition.

Following the tremendous growth of the event in recent years, Cupid’s Cup has grown into a nationwide competition. And while the University of Maryland will still be centrally involved, the event will now be run by the Plank Foundation for Entrepreneurship, overseen by key Under Armour and Plank Industries executives.

We’ve built a consortium of more than 20 of the top universities, business schools and entrepreneurship centers from across the country. Regional competitions will feed into a national semifinal, to be held at the Under Armour global headquarters in Baltimore, MD. That will narrow the field to six outstanding finalists, who will then pursue over $100,000 in cash prizes.

The 2017 Judges Panel will be revealed closer to the event date. Last year’s panel included the likes of Kevin Plank, CEO & Founder of Under Armour; Dan Gilbert, Chairman and Founder of Quicken Loans and Majority Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers; Wes Moore, New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder & CEO of BridgeEdu; and, Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder of the Huffington Post. This year’s panel promises to be just as exciting. Stay tuned!



COMPETITION OPENS for applications






VALIDATION DAY (SEMI-FINALS) at Under Armour's Campus

MAR 30


FINALS at the Northwestern University’s Pick-Staiger Concert Hall


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in cash prizes
Hex two dca4917e33337837e543b4122f75f6f90e6bd7ef6a4144be815b0a02f53cacef
Access to Kevin Plank's
professional network
Hex three 2dfdd9158275eb8e8cca0cc5726aa290b1c8ec976344fe411c1682afdf58677b
The prestigious
Cupid's Cup